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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is wallpaper nesessary for your wall?

Wallpaper greatly enhance the appearance of your walls, has the power to transform a plain wall into a vibe. One of its primary benefits is the aesthetic enhancement it brings to a room. With its vast array of colors, patterns, and textures, wallpaper allows you to personalize your space and create a specific ambiance or style.

Are your wallpapers suitable for residential or commercial use?

Yes, our wallpapers are suitable for both residential and commercial use. We understand the diverse needs of our customers, whether they are looking to enhance the aesthetics of their homes or create an inviting atmosphere in commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, restaurants, or retail stores.

Can I remove the wallpaper without damaging the wall surface?

Yes, many wallpapers offered by SPRG Wallpaper Suppliers are designed to be removable without causing significant damage to the wall surface. These wallpapers are often peelable or strippable, making the removal process easier and less likely to leave residue or damage the underlying wall.

Difference Between Korean and Chinese wallpaper?

Korean and Chinese wallpapers differ in terms of their styles, cultural influences, manufacturing techniques, and design aesthetics. Korean wallpaper is often known for its delicate and intricate patterns that reflect the country’s rich artistic heritage.And Chinese wallpaper showcases the distinctive artistic traditions and symbolism of Chinese culture. 

Why to choose us?

SPRG Wallpaper Suppliers provide you a wide range of varieties of wallpapers about more than 500 designs. Also, we provide you the facilities of 10 years guaranty, washable and customizable wallpapers which are also waterproof. SPRG Wallpaper Suppliers prioritize quality and durability in their products. Also, we stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and innovations in the wallpaper industry. 

Can I request samples of your wallpapers before making a purchase?

Yes, SPRG Wallpaper Suppliers understand the importance of seeing and feeling the actual wallpapers before making a purchase decision. You can typically reach out to us through our website, customer service hotline, or email to inquire about obtaining samples.